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Distributor stories: How The Smart Edit provided a T3 integrated tap system for content creator, Olivia Jarvis.


Our most recent distributor case study illustrates the collaborative efforts between The Smart Edit, our valued distributor, and their customer, content creator Olivia Jarvis.

Together, they have explored and selected the optimal drinking water solution tailored to meet the hydration and sustainability needs of Olivia’s home installation project. 

The Smart Edit focus on delivering beautiful kitchens but focus on making them work in a much smarter way.

Their USP is their bespoke coffee cupboards and pantries where they have designed them specifically around the T3.

They were able to recommend the T3 to Olivia, ensuing she had the perfect functional, stylish and aesthetically pleasing, premium integrated tap system for her new kitchen. 

Olivia found she was going through so much bottled water until the installation of her new multi-functional tap which now allows her to be sustainable, using refillable bottles and eliminating the need for single use plastic.  

‘The T3 tap really helps with my hydration goals’ confirmed Olivia, who was also was drinking a lot of sparkling water, in her effort to move away from sugary sodas, so to have sparkling water on tap has been of great benefit to her and provided an easy healthy option within her kitchen.  

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners