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Slow Moving and Obsolete Stock Policy

Slow Moving Products

In the event of a water dispenser or accessory product line remaining unsold for a period of 12 months, or a spare part product line neither being sold nor used on our production line for 12 months, the product line will be either reclassified as ‘non-stock – available to order’ or discontinued altogether.


Obsolete Products

In the event of a dispenser model being discontinued, we will continue to stock parts for two years following the discontinuation date.

Spare parts will continue to be offered indefinitely following the two-year period, but this will be subject to availability from our suppliers. Orders of obsolete parts will be subject to a minimum order value of £250. Obsolete part orders will be placed with a unique purchase order number and associated shipping costs. Obsolete part orders below the minimum order value will be subject to a small order charge of £20.

Lead times are also likely to be extended to 3-5 months following the two-year stock period and will be confirmed at the time of ordering.

For details on when specific models have become obsolete, please refer to the table below the Spart Parts Policy on the website:


Download Slow Moving and Obsolete Stock Policy

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