Add hours to your day, every day

On average, sales people only spend a third of their day selling. So to exceed your sales targets, you need to reclaim time – without spending more time at work!

Here are six tips to help you free up hours in your working day:

Starting work straight away

Although this may feel effcient, you will achieve more if you create a game plan first.

This will help you stay focused and easily move from task to task.

Creating too many notes

The average sales person spends seven minutes making notes after a call. 

Check your CRM system to see if information is being duplicated each time!

Calling at the same times

Follow-up calls are usually made at the same time each day. 

Try calling at different times to improve your chances of getting through.

Keeping a mobile phone on your desk

Studies show that a phone alert triples your error rate when concentrating on a task.

So do yourself a favour and keep your phone out of sight.

Not having a plan B

We all know that sometimes prospects do not arrive on time for meetings.

So rather than having a gap in your day have something productive to fill it with.

Allowing distractions

Small distractions can amount to alot of wasted time.

It takes the average person 23 minutes to regain focus!


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