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Anti-ligature Faucet for Drinking Water

Anti-ligature faucets are crucial in care environments. 

Everyone needs access to self-serving drinking water to stay hydrated and healthy. Within mental health and vulnerable care environments, it’s essential that drinking water is also provided via a safe design. Borg & Overström understand the importance of providing safe drinking water and have designed The Porpoise accordingly. 

In this article we’ll explore what anti ligature faucets are and the importance they play in ensuring safe drinking water in vulnerable environments. 

What is an anti-ligature faucet? 

Anti ligature taps provide essential safety; engineered to be tamper proof, vandal resistant and prevent the attachment of ligatures whilst still providing access to clean drinking water. 

What are the benefits of an anti-ligature faucet? 

We understand the significance of establishing a safe and secure environment, particularly in challenging health and care environments. It is a sad and disheartening fact that 70% of inpatient suicides are facilitated through the presence of ligature points in patient bathrooms, bedrooms, or closets. In response to this alarming reality, we have developed the Porpoise – a ligature-resistant drinking water tap that promotes both safety and hygiene, providing fresh-filtered water whilst effectively minimising the risk of self-harm and misuse. 

Safe, self-serving drinking water for everyone 

It’s imperative that everyone has access to clean and safe drinking water and the safety aspect is particularly important in modern healthcare and vandalism-prone environments. Anti-ligature faucets allows vulnerable people to safely pour their own drinking water without any fear that that faucet could cause them harm. The Porpoise has an exceptionally shallow and smooth profile in a single case design, it is both robust and vandal proof. Being able to self-serve drinking water ensures a balance between being hydrated and healthy. 

The difference between The Porpoise and other anti-ligature taps 

Whereas there are other anti-ligature taps available, they are more so for bathrooms and washrooms rather than offering filtered, refreshing drinking water. The Porpoise offers not only access to controlled, safe, filtered hot and cold drinking water but the design helps to normalise the environment. The Porpoise also features integrated UV-C protection, which aids infection control by ensuring that the drinking water is free from harmful pathogens. 

The Porpoise is easy to install over a sink, the anti-scald temperature settings ensure patient, visitor and staff safety, while the intelligent hot tank eliminates the risk of Legionella bacteria which can traditionally be associated with lower temperatures. We believe everyone should have access to clean, healthy drinking water. 

If you’re looking for longevity you’ll gain from opting for an anti-ligature product that is both robust and damage-limiting, visit our product page to find out more about The Porpoise or contact us for more information – our expert staff are ready and waiting to help you. 

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