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Comparing different touchless water dispensers

Touchless water dispensers are becoming increasingly popular for a multitude of reasons, including their hygienic benefits and convenience. 

There are various ways that touchless dispense can work, from sensors to timed dispense and foot pedals. At Borg & Overström we’re constantly innovating and developing new technologies for our water dispensers and keeping our products hygienic and intuitive, as highlighted by our SensorBeam® touch-free projection illuminated water dispenser. 

In this article we’ll go through the various options available for touchless water dispense and see what some of our competitors have on offer. 

What is a touchless water dispenser? 

A touchless water dispenser allows users access to drinking water without having to physically touch the machine with their hands. It incorporates various technologies to provide a hygienic and convenient way to dispense hot, chilled, sparkling and ambient, water options and enjoy safe hydration.  

Why are touchless dispensers growing in popularity? 

Health concerns, convenience, environmental consciousness, as well as technological advancements, and aesthetic appeal has contributed to the growing popularity of touchless water dispensers. They are increasingly used in high footfall environments to help eliminate the risk of cross contamination and bacterial spread. 

What are the different touchless dispense technologies? 

From easy-to-use foot pedals to sensor-activation and from motion sensor to smartphone interactivity, there are various touchless solutions to provide access to drinking water in a hygienic way without the fear of bacterial spread. 


Foot pedal operated water dispensers are good with hygiene and a reduced cross-contaminator. Waterlogic has a range of hands-free water dispensers. The technology they use to dispense water is through a foot pedal. Different foot pedals choose different water options. This method isn’t completely touchless dispense or hygienic as the pedals would still need pressing by foot and cleaning. 

Infrared motion sensors 

They can detect the presence of hands and automatically dispense water when hands are placed within the sensors range. Zip HydroTap uses smart infrared motion sensors, using the wave of a hand, which will trigger the dispense of water. It’s perhaps not quite as obvious as it could be to use, it’s not intuitive that you have to wave right for cold water and left for hot water.  

Ice Water Coolers also use infrared motion sensors to dispense water by placing hand less than 4cm from the sensor. 


Water dispense can also be controlled via a smartphone using Bluetooth® technology for a contactless option. 

Illuminated projection sensors 

Borg & Overström uses the latest in touchfree technology with SensorBeam®, it employs projection mapped controls that illuminate symbols directly onto the floor. To dispense fresh, clean water, all one needs to do is simply place their foot over the desired water symbol. It’s completely touchless with no buttons or pedals to clean or which could harbour bacterial viruses.  

The Borg & Overström SensorBeam® not only gives touch-free access to filtered, clean drinking water, it also gives the user a modern edge to dispensing water – making it a unique experience which helps to encourage use and ultimately hydration. 

If you’re looking for safe and hygienic drinking water dispense but in a new and innovative approach, visit our page for more information. 

SensorBeam® is compatible with the E-series range. 

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners