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Distributor Stories: How Borg & Overström and Permatech partner to meet the DHL specification for premium, clean water

Our latest distributor story looks at how Borg & Overström’s recent innovation in point of use water dispensing, the E6, was able to meet the brief from DHL in Dubai to provide a premium, bottle-free, sustainable drinking water solution for their staff.

Global logistics provider DHL were looking for a premium water solution to provide clean and accessible drinking water for everyone for their Dubai Head Office. Pioneering green logistics, it was vital to them that their water solution met their sustainability goals of reducing plastic waste and lowering energy consumption, making the E6 point of use dispenser with EcoMode the perfect fit.

We partnered with UAE distributor, Permatech who installed E6 drinking water dispensers to provide great tasting, sustainable water within the DHL Head Office in Dubai.

The following video shows the installation of Borg & Overström drinking water dispensers, and features Samer Kaissi, CEO for UAE DHL, highlighting DHL’s focus on both sustainability and health and wellbeing and how drinking water and hydration will play a huge part in reaching their goals

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Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners