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The E6 Chilled Only is launched at the Healthcare Estates event.

Borg & Overström were thrilled to participate in this year’s Healthcare Estates Conference, which took place on 10th and 11th October 2023, at Manchester Central venue, a beautiful converted old rail station with a magnificent glass façade, opening out onto the historic buildings of Manchester.  The event was an exciting opportunity for professionals in the healthcare industry to explore cutting-edge infection control solutions, and we were delighted to have so many visitors to our stand.

Our team of experts were able to provide visitors with insights into our innovative products designed specifically for the healthcare sector, such as our new E6 Chilled Only water dispenser.


Infection Control in Drinking Water Talk with 3M

Kicking off Wednesday morning in the Infection Control & Water Theatre, Borg & Overström were joined by Ollie Rodman, Application Engineer Specialist, 3M as we raised awareness around the importance of infection control within drinking water. Addressing both the risks and solutions surrounding supplying safe drinking water in healthcare environments, the talk navigated both the concerns of estates managers from experiences with traditional dispensers, whilst highlighting the essential importance of providing clean drinking water for those in your care. Drinking water is a valuable and necessary asset in any care environment and advances in technology are now able mitigate risks and overcome complications with supply.

Supporting the NHS with our innovative water dispensing technology

At the show visitors were amongst the first to experience our new E6 Chilled Only water dispenser which was designed specifically to meet the stringent NHS water quality standard. This specialised product offers a comprehensive solution to confidently provide clean, filtered water while eliminating bacterial growth, Legionella and waterborne pathogens. Amongst a sea of exhibitors, many focusing on tackling infection control in water, Borg & Overström stood alone in offering hygienic drinking water solutions.

The recently launched SensorBeam® touchless water dispense technology drew interest and intrigue as users experienced the future of contactless dispense, proving that infection control measures can also be fun, futuristic and beautiful.  The unique, advanced projection mapping technology illuminates  dispense controls onto any floor surface, providing a state-of-the-art solution to reduce the risk of touch transmission, whilst combining convenience and safety.  

Ligature-resistant Porpoise draws attention on World Mental Health Day

Visitors visited the Borg & Overström stand with the sole purpose of experiencing the Porpoise. It’s exceptionally shallow, smooth profile is designed for patient safety, especially in modern mental health and vandalism prone environments. Allowing access to hygienic, anti-scald hot and cold, self-service drinking water, the Porpoise enables a level of patient autonomy but leaves no room for ligature attachment or harm.  


It was wonderful to engage with so many healthcare professionals during the event and be on hand to show them demonstrations of our products and answer any questions they had. Our stand also highlighted the need for Viovandt®, UV-C LED water purification and  projected bacteria on the wall which could be on untreated water dispensers. 

Ultraviolet UV-C shines through

Whilst the eco-credentials of the Borg & Overström product range impressed, and aligned with carbon reduction plans of NHS trusts, the UV-C Viovandt purification technology drew the questions. Visitors enjoyed an immersive UV display to highlight the importance of ultraviolet sterilisation when tackling waterborne pathogens and bacteria which maybe present in the water. Coupled with 3M Carbonless Filtration, which has been certified to reduce bacteria by log-6, Legionella specialists and water safety group members were assured of our complete approach to confidently clean water.

Miss the event? Don’t worry, you can experience the future of hygienic and safe water dispensing with an exclusive, virtual showroom demonstrate or contact us for more information. 

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners