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Great tasting office tea ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’

Ramekins with a variety of luxury dried teas

Film on the surface of your tea, the faint taste of leftover coffee, or a chemical aroma spoils a good cuppa. Follow these ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ to achieve great tasting office tea.

Do select high-quality tea. The 87% of millennials drinking tea are increasingly looking for high-quality teas infused with innovative flavours and herbs.

Do select tea with environmental and social credentials. There is growing interest in single-origin teas and the farmers that grow them.

Do use freshly drawn water in your kettle. Tea needs oxygen, and water that’s been repeatedly boiled produces flat-tasting tea. Or…

Better still, do use fresh filtered water. Your tea will be crystal clear, free from light contaminants and chemical odours.

Do choose your favourite mug. Even at work, we all favour a particular cup for its shape or design. Did you know the colour of the cup can even affect how tea or coffee tastes?

Don’t use hot water from your coffee machine. It’s ok, but for a fresher and livelier tasting brew, use filtered water from a dedicated hot tap or kettle.

Don’t use bottled or distilled water. It won’t make your tea taste any better and adds unnecessary plastic waste to the environment. Water lacking in minerals makes for a bland cup of tea.

Don’t pour boiling water onto your tea as it could scald the leaves. For maximum flavour, let the water stand for a minute before pouring over the tea. Alternatively, use water from a hot tap dispenser which at 92 degrees is the perfect temperature for brewing tea.

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