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How can water help you sell more coffee?

Consumers with access to point-of-use water spend more 

Every company in the food and beverage sector wants to know more about consumer behaviour and how they can meet the needs that those behaviours reveal. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, and no downside to consistent product exposure. 

It’s our mission to ensure you aren’t leaving potential profits on the table. The right water dispenser will make a business more money by improving worker productivity through frequent hydration. Putting water and coffee together takes this to another level. 

Organisations that diversify the daily refreshment experience see high morale and strong worker investment. Combining filtered water with gourmet coffee replicates the high street café experience, reflects younger consumer trends and encourages employee socialising. Water even enhances the experience of drinking coffee, especially sparkling water.  

We at Borg & Overström have previously covered how a cross sell of coffee and water is a lucrative one. Placing a free point-of-use (POU) dispenser next to a pay-to-use coffee machine helps you sell more coffee at workplaces. But now we can reveal just how much more you can make.  

Impulse purchases drive the numbers

According to exclusive insight from Selecta, a POU machine correlates with increased impulse purchases. We all know that fresh, free water gets consumers up on their feet. The savvy office manager should place them close to any paid use machines.

Greater footfall and traffic flow around your consumables generates more spontaneous buys. But that’s not all.

The precise percentage depends on many factors, like availability of other water points, walking distance, selling price of the coffee and alternative offers or personal dispensers at the desk.

One also can’t downplay the importance of ambience for consumer comfort. A pleasant, inviting surrounding area keeps buyers around for longer. They will be more inclined to stay behind and drink by their favourite machine, which drives up the probability of an extra purchase. Not having this inviting area leads to a more “grab and go” environment.

There is plenty more profit to be made

Selecta’s experts estimate, depending on the circumstances, that the impact on spending habits can rise up to 20%. Providing variety on a well-organised floorplan yielded some unique, unexpected benefits for the company:

“In the free vend markets, a POU machine diverts traffic for cold and hot water (tea drinkers) away from the coffee machine, increasing the machine’s availability for coffee drinkers. This results in two smaller queues in the morning instead of one long queue, which reduces waiting time. Those who take up to six drinks for colleagues in a tray can handle both machines in parallel for faster dispensing.”

The potential ceiling is even higher than businesses have anticipated. In 2019, office coffee specialists FreshGround found that clients who had coffee and water dispensers spent an average 47% more on consumables than those who only had coffee machines.

With the return to the office established and workers expecting more, it’s up to businesses to adapt to consumer tastes and expectations. 

If you would like to reap the benefits of a more motivated workforce, please contact our sales team today. 

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