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Introducing the E6 Chilled Only – Safe and hygienic drinking water designed for the healthcare industry.

Leading the fight against infection control in drinking water, Borg & Overström, has developed a new water cooler specifically designed to meet the stringent water quality standards of the NHS. 

Developing the E6 Chilled Only for the NHS. 

Working alongside the NHS, Borg & Overstöm have developed the latest advancement in hygienic drinking water, designed to specifically meet the stringent water quality standards required within NHS facilities. The E6 Chilled Only has a unique, shortened, single water pathway, designed to eliminate the risk of dead-legs where bacteria can harbour, whilst integrated Viovandt® enhanced UV-C technology utilises eco-efficient LEDs to purify the water with maximum germicidal efficacy, effectively controlling against the spread of HCAIs without the need for chemical treatments. 

Technology designed to mitigate infection risk. 

Built for the demands of high-touch medical environments, the E6 Chilled Only drinking water dispenser features Totality® hygiene assurance, for a complete approach to clean, healthier water. Utilising the latest technology, this unique 5-step methodology includes carbon-free filtration and antimicrobial surface protection, reducing the risk of contamination in communal areas. From innovative touch-free dispense, to airless, rapid DryChill® cooling technology and Sterizen® sanitisation, Borg & Overström dispensers mitigate sources of infection and contamination at every stage, for confidently clean water.  

To defend against surface transmission of bacteria in high-touch areas, the E6 chilled Only is designed with an easy to clean profile and features silver ion antimicrobial technology to aid infection control by resisting biofilm development and reducing the transfer of germs for complete hygiene confidence in communal areas. 

Hygienic, completely touch-free operation. 

In addition, the E6 Chilled Only is compatible with the SensorBeam® base cabinet, allowing for completely touch-free operation. Patented LED projection mapping technology removes  the risk of touch transmission in busy environments. While traditional dispensing buttons are susceptible to harbouring bacteria and viruses, even with rigorous cleaning, touch-free dispensing eliminates this risk and can significantly reduce this risk of viral or bacterial spread. 

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