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How healthy hydration can minimise the spread of infection within the healthcare setting

In a post-pandemic world, where people have experienced and recognise the crucial importance of maintaining healthy hygiene practices, both Infection Prevention Control (IPC) and access to clean and safe water are essential to the health and well-being of staff and patients alike.

Understanding the critical link between safe drinking water and infection control, Borg & Overström bring over 20 years of expertise in water dispensing to the healthcare industry. Integrating the latest hygiene protection technology, our patient-centred designs effectively safeguard against the transmission of waterborne illnesses and infections.

In this article, we explore the critical role that safe drinking water plays in promoting the well-being of staff and patient recovery, and exactly how patient-centred designs can effectively reduce cross-contamination in high-traffic areas.

Infection prevention through completely touch-free dispensing

The criticism and lessons learned from the pandemic weigh heavily on healthcare systems, with statistics published by the World Health Organisation highlighting the critical need for robust infection control protocols to safeguard against future outbreaks, and protect vulnerable patients and staff.

Good IPC can reduce healthcare infections by 70%

World Health Organisation’s Global Report on Infection Prevention and Control.

Understanding the crucial importance of IPC in healthcare settings, where the risks of both waterborne and surface transmission of bacteria and viruses are high, our water dispensers incorporate innovative technologies that mitigate these risks, providing touchless solutions to safeguard against the spread of harmful pathogens.

Our exclusive SensorBeam™ touchless technology employs projection mapped controls that illuminate symbols directly onto the floor, effectively reducing surface bacteria in high-traffic areas.

To dispense fresh and clean water, all
one needs to do is simply place their
foot over the desired water symbol.
No buttons or extra points of
contact required, SensorBeam™ technology provides an added layer of defence against harmful pathogens through a truly touch-free experience.

A close shot of Borg & Overström's exclusive SensorBeam, projecting water symbols onto the floor.

Tailored designs that promote infection control and healthy hydration

From a simple glass of water to aid that regular pill intake, to providing that all-important first sip of water post-surgery, access to safe drinking water is essential in promoting hydration for both staff and patients, and is vital for encouraging healthy well-being and faster recovery.

A hospital reception area featuring a Borg & Overström floorstanding E6.
A Borg & Overström Porpoise in black, mounted on a ligature-resistant sink.

Inspired by the unique needs of the healthcare setting, our drinking water solutions are tailored to deliver unparalleled infection control. Featuring a durable Finyl® finish with silver ion antimicrobial protection, easy-to-clean profiles, Viovandt® eco-LED technology and carbonless filtration systems, our water dispensers prioritise purity and safety, keeping patients and staff well-hydrated while maintaining a pristine healthcare environment.

Our exclusive Viovant® technology utilises low-power UV-LEDs to achieve the highest level of germicidal efficacy while ensuring hassle-free maintenance. This integrated technology effectively eliminates waterborne biocontaminants, providing healthcare staff and patients with confidently clean water they can trust.

Moreover, our water dispensers and tap systems are equipped with a state-of-the-art carbonless filtration system. By maintaining optimal chlorine levels for efficient disinfection, these systems effectively reduce sediment and microplastics, guaranteeing safe, fresh-filtered water. 

With our advanced water solutions, healthcare facilities can be confident in their ability to maintain a safe and hygienic environment. Our tailored approach ensures superior infection control, delivering peace of mind to both staff and patients.

Enhancing IPC with hygiene-centred water dispensers for healthcare environments

Access to confidently clean water is essential in every healthcare setting, from bustling waiting rooms and nurses’ stations to safe and secure communal areas. Here at Borg & Overström, our range of premium filtered water dispensers offer a safe and hygienic solution to fresh and filtered water in every environment.

Matching cutting-edge technology with patient-centred designs, our water dispensers and tap systems are powered by our advanced and compact ProCore® system and features our unique, reservoir-free, airless DryChill® rapid cooling technology, actively reducing the risk of contamination and minimising bacterial growth, Legionella and waterborne pathogens.

Learn more about our patient-centred designs and download your own Health & Care booklet for a complete and comprehensive look into water solutions with Borg & Overström.

We specialise in helping customers find their ideal fit, so if you have any further questions or inquiries – contact us –  our expert staff are ready and waiting to help you.

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