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Rising popularity of coffee corners and beverage centres 

With new hybrid working patterns settling down and the return to work established, employers are looking for ways to enhance human interactions within the office, providing positive and sociable experiences. 

One of these ways is to re-ignite the well-known water cooler moments which are credited with encouraging movement, interaction and connections. With 78% of people stating that they come into the office for socialising, creating aspirational social interaction areas with refreshments readily available is essential to keep staff happy and motivated.  

78% of people stating that they come into the office for socialising

In this article we will explore the latest workplace trends for coffee corners and beverage centres and how these dedicated drinks spaces are having a positive effect on employees and their well-being, elevating workspace interactions and experiences in today’s modern offices. 

Breakout areas become barista style coffee corners  

Coffee corners are dedicated spaces for employees to interact, sit, drink and make a coffee or glass of water and enjoy a healthy or not-so healthy snack or two. It’s a convenient and stylish way to keep your team refuelled and encourage ad-hoc conversations and cross departmental interaction. 

Borg & Overstrom T3 hot tap, perfect for hybrid working patterns and coffee corners

Installing a point of use water dispenser, like the Borg & Overström T3 tap, alongside a coffee machine encourages hydration by fostering the spirit of shared experiences and is an essential part of any coffee corner.

A recent survey found that 66% of people said an impressive office design would influence their decision on accepting a job – and a beautifully designed, contemporary, coffee corner stocked with healthy snacks and sparkling water on tap can elevate both workspace facilities and employee productivity.  

Beverage centres bring hotelification to the workplace 

Beverage centers are elevating user experience and encouraging movement within the working environment.

Taking inspiration from hotel bars or breakfast buffets today’s trending beverage centres delight with a host of different beverages from sparkling water and carbonated soft drinks to alcoholic options such as wine or beer.

Borg & Overstrom T3 hot tap, perfect for hybrid working patterns and coffee corners

Designed to provide a rewarding experience and entice employees to spend more time in the office, these chic beverage centres create a welcoming, relaxing space for people to unwind, refuel and interact. Gone are the days of the vending machine, these inviting spaces often play host to informal staff gatherings and strengthen the sense of community within the workplace. 

Why are they growing in popularity? 

Borg & Overstrom T2 tap, perfect for hybrid working patterns and coffee corners

Companies are looking for a way to stand out visibly and are placing employee wellbeing as a top priority for attracting Gen Z and millennial workers.

The addition of a beverage centre or coffee corner is an easy way to update an office interior and facilities, without too much cost or disruption. Moving away from vending machines with unhealthy snacks and bottled beverages, the dedicated drinks spaces demonstrate commitment to employee health, hydration and the environment as a whole. 

With the UK daily consumption of coffee standing at approximately 98 million cups per day, and every single person drinking around 12 litres of water today, if firms can provide enticing facilities, they will keep their staff on site to foster productivity and a happy, healthy workforce. 

Top tips for designing your coffee corner

Firstly create an inviting environment, ideally in a strategically positioned, high-traffic areas to encourage usage and social interaction.  

Provide a variety of seating from bar stools to comfy chairs to create a conducive environment for conversation and collaboration.  

Finally and most importantly provide a selection of drinks. Freshly chilled or sparkling water, a great coffee machine, a variety of milks and alcoholic and soft beverages if desired.  

For sustainable office spaces, providing glassware, mugs and refillable bottles along-side a coffee machine and a point of use water dispenser will not only reduce waste but will also reduce space required for refrigeration. With even a 1-2% reduction in hydration levels productivity can drop significantly by approximately 12% so an investment in a beverage centre will pay dividends. Lastly, a selection of healthy snacks will keep your workforce satisfied without leading to unhealthy habits or sugar induced peaks and troughs. 

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