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Why sell a sparkling water dispenser? Part two

There are more uses for sparkling water than ever

Welcome to the second part of this deep dive into the many advantages of selling sparkling water.

The water industry’s love of sparkling water is more than a passing fad, but an environment of ever increasing opportunities. Such is the nature of innovation, where dynamic new ideas irresistibly multiply.   

Borg & Overström has prolifically covered the reasons for this boom and the opportunities it brings. Sparkling water has seen a long and rich history and established a reputation for versatility. Consumers themselves have responded to the phenomenon by using sparkling water as a way to pivot away from excessive sugar consumption and towards consistent hydration. 

Sparkling water’s newfound fame as the healthier option has prompted deeper investigation into its inherent health benefits, with encouraging results.  

For the workplace, we know that a sparkling dispenser enhances the atmosphere and improves the culture. It’s also the perfect way for a business to make more money by helping employee productivity. 

Choice drives trends and creates confidence. But how deep does the consumer’s love of variety really go?

Lesser-known uses (and unique sales pitches)

Every savvy distributor taking advantage of this opportunity loves a rare sales angle, the more the merrier. We have already touched on how sparkling water helps with hydration, and how well it goes with coffee. Here are some unsung uses that you may not be aware of.  

Skincare and beauty

Sparkling water has significant advantages over still when it comes to skincare. The small bubbles help break down dirt, remove dead skin cells and flush out pores. The pH level of carbonated water matches that of facial skin and won’t upset its levels. Carbon dioxide also improves blood flow to the face for cell regeneration.  

Add the healthy minerals and purification from the filtration process and you’ve got a superb alternative to the typical tap. 

But where do you come in as a distributor?

Workers having to clock in early, stay late or refresh after commuting via bicycle may slip off to the nearest water source for some improvised beautification. With a Borg & Overström dispenser, you’re already using the purest and best filtered water. Why not take advantage of this extra perk by using an elite sparkling option?    

This is also an option for a gym-goer in need of a quick, refreshing splash to the face. Such a user need not risk harming their skin with inferior, unfiltered water or missing out on the cleansing prowess of sparkling. 

Believe it or not, the same goes for hair care. Carbonated water is used for clarifying hair, frizz reduction and even undoing the oxidising effects of chlorine after swimming.[1]


Some home remedies never die. Those that stand the test have time tend to do so because of their usefulness. Few unconventional cleaning agents are as well-tested as sparkling water.[2]  

Use it to lift grime, dirt and droppings from office windows. Combine it with a steel wool pad and watch it tear through rust and degrease the greasiest pans.

Its buffing potential even covers precious metals in need of renewed shine and sparkle. That covers jewellery, fixtures and furnishings. Even a colour-worn porcelain surface or well-trod carpet can benefit from its scouring abilities.[3]   

The partnership of coffee and sparkling water doesn’t end with robust taste and pleasant texture. Using sparkling water to clean a coffee machine can prevent unwanted residue build up, prolonging the machine’s life and saving significantly. It will also strip tea and coffee stains from mugs.  

Remember: every aforementioned use of sparkling water means money saved elsewhere. The person who uses it to wipe up a spill or lift a stain from a surface saves a disposable wipe or a spray of expensive cleaning fluid. Costs are rising everywhere and the time for penny-pinching solutions is now. This approach is also perfect for the eco-minded office which values sustainable practices.   

Cooking (again)

We all know the modern cook and baker has plenty of uses for sparkling water. It increases oxidation in vegetables and fluffs up your pancake batter. Pancake Day 2022 saw more of this than ever before. 

But did you also know about its meat tenderising properties? Chefs seeking a softer, juicer cut soak their raw meats in sparkling water before beginning the cooking process. 

The uses are endless. Think bigger than cold drinks; let your customers know just how much they’re missing out on. 

Matzo balls made with sparkling water contain air pockets which make them float in broth and absorb more flavour[4]. Sparkling water thins the pureed vegetables in gazpacho and gives additional chill[5]. Batters made with carbonation are crispier [6].   

If you’re in the food service industry (or selling to a curious end user) remember that a kitchen with a source of premium sparkling water on hand always has an edge. Kitchens are often crowded, fast-paced and chaotic. Users will need quick, easy access and instant carbonation with a long-lasting supply. Give them the best.  

And even if this isn’t your sector, who isn’t going to be grateful that their workplace kitchen now has this option for food prep and customisation?  

Plant care

Home is where the heart is, and a homelike office inspires loyalty. Having plants in the office is a great way to personalise the professional working space. It’s cheap, clean, environmentally friendly and decorative. Inclusion of plants reduces worker stress, raises productivity and makes your office more attractive to applicants.[7]

Carbon plays a key role in photosynthesis, hence its use as a fertiliser. Watering plants with sparkling water supplies them with essential macronutrients not necessarily found in still. These nutrients boost their growth and keep them healthier. One less thing to worry about on the maintenance front. 


Office upgrades: sparkling cleans coffee, grows plants and scours surfaces

The sheer number of functions at a user’s fingertips will elevate any machine dispensing sparkling water. They will go from rare treats or luxury items to utilities. Instead of being limited to the lunchtime break or a pre-work swig, workers will derive additional uses from them and appreciate their presence (and those who supply them) even more.         

We hope you have found this series useful. If you’re feeling well-equipped to sell the best sparkling water on the market, become a distributor today.

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