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A complete approach to cleaner, healthier water.

At Borg & Overström, we believe that the water you drink shouldn’t just taste fresh – it must be fresh, filtered and clean. Our Totality® approach to clean and healthier water has been carefully developed over 20 years to ensure hygiene assurance in every pour, giving you complete peace of mind. No matter how you enjoy your water – sparkling or hot, from a glass or in a bottle – every sip provides pure refreshment through great-tasting, premium quality, filtered water.


high-performance carbon filtration
with Aqua-Pure.

Our easy-fit, replaceable, carbon filters are powered by 3M Aqua-Pure technology. Reducing the sediment and bacteria which can be found in tap water, the high absorption carbon helps to eliminate any odours or taste of chlorine, ensuring clean tasting water in every pour. Harmful microplastics are present in 72% of tap water in the UK. By utilising active carbon 0.5 micron filtration, any unwanted plastic particles will be removed, leaving only great-tasting, healthier water that is safe to drink.


Hygienic and efficient,
rapid chilling technology.

DryChill® provides consistently clean, safe and fresh drinking water compared to standard cooling systems. Featuring an airless coolant coil, our DryChill® technology is designed to eliminate stored water within the dispenser, where bacteria can thrive. This innovative technology ensures that the water you drink is always freshly-chilled and available on demand, with a rapid chill recovery time that delivers consistent excellence with every pour.


Eco-efficient, chemical-free, ultraviolet water purification.

Utilising ultraviolet LED sterilisation, Viovandt® is a no-maintenance technology that reduces bio-contaminants, such as bacteria and viruses, which may be present in the water. Viovandt® UV-C technology is both mercury-free and chemical-free, using eco-efficient low power UV-LEDs for maximum germicidal efficacy to ensure your water is clean and safe to drink, for total peace of mind and confidently clean water.


Independently certified antimicrobial,
anti-pathogen sanitisation

Unique to Borg & Overström, Sterizen® is a complete sanitisation process that all our water dispensers undertake before being securely packed and delivered to you. Certified to have a 99.999% reduction in bacteria upon leaving the
factory, no other brand of drinking water systems undergoes this thorough sterilisation process. This ensures that you can enjoy complete confidence in the cleanliness of your water.


Hard wearing, easy-to-clean,
silver ion antimicrobial finish.

Every dispenser benefits from a carefully crafted Fynil® finish, designed to withstand busy and hard working environments. Extremely durable and non-porous, Fynil® is scratch, tarnish and impact resistant for easy-cleaning, reduced limescale build-up and longevity. Thanks to antimicrobial silver ion technology, our control panels
resist biofilm development, reducing the transfer of germs, for complete hygiene confidence in communal areas.

  • Be workplace hydration confident with Totality®
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    Be workplace hydration confident with Totality®

    When we refer to refreshment, we’re referring to the entire package. The package is the design, efficiency, and function of your watercooler. We take time to ensure that your watercooler offers you a refreshment package that you can trust and rely on. A cornerstone of this trust is ensuring that our products provide water that is clean, pure, and hygienic.

  • What is Sterizen?
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    What is Sterizen?

    Sterizen® is the sanitisation component of our hygiene system Totality®. It is used in the final stage of production to ensure all Borg & Overström water dispensers meet our market-leading hygiene standards. Our water dispensers are designed to reduce the opportunity for bacteria to grow to unsafe levels. Bacteria are all around us, in the air, on surfaces, on our hands. Once bacteria attach to the inside or outside...

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