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What is Sterizen?

Sterizen® is the sanitisation component of our hygiene system Totality®. It is used in the final stage of production to ensure all Borg & Overström water dispensers meet our market-leading hygiene standards.

Our water dispensers are designed to reduce the opportunity for bacteria to grow to unsafe levels. Bacteria are all around us, in the air, on surfaces, on our hands. Once bacteria attach to the inside or outside of a water dispenser, and given the right conditions, they can grow to potentially harmful numbers.

Sterizen® is the belt and braces of our hygiene system and is applied to all dispensers during the final quality testing phase.

Wet testing in the lab

All of our water dispensers are subject to a number of quality checks as they move through production. Wet testing is where we thoroughly test every appliance as it comes off the production line for leaks and to ensure they are in full working order.

At this stage we also sanitise all water dispensers. Sterizen® is an antimicrobial, antipathogen procedure that significantly reduces any bacteria build up within the inner system. No other brand of water cooler goes through this factory sterilisation process, which is why only Borg & Overström appliances are laboratory certified to be 99.999% bacteria-free when leaving the factory.

Weekly lab tests

We also conduct weekly spot checks in our dedicated lab to make sure Sterizen® is doing its job. This is where we take a random finished appliance off the line, immediately before dispatch, to test for indicator organisms.

The lab currently carries out two standard tests in-house. One for Pseudomonas and two tests for TVC (Total Viable Count) at 22 degrees for 72 hours and at 37 degrees for 48 hours. This is to replicate the conditions that an appliance could be operating in. We also test the mains water coming into the building every other week.

A complete hygiene system

Health and hygiene are a top priority at Borg & Overström. We’ve built it into our products, everyday business procedures, and quality standards. Sterizen®, along with Viovandt™, Fynil®, and 3M Filtration, make up our Totality® hygiene system.

Viovandt™ is a UV purifying system that disrupts the DNA of microorganisms and stops them from reproducing. It works with our tankless Dry Chill® and Direct Chill™ technologies, which allow water to pass through the appliance when needed, rather than storing it in a tank where bacteria is more likely to multiply.
Fynil® is a highly durable Epoxy resin finish that makes it difficult for bacteria to grow on the outside of our appliances. We also use 3M filters in all water dispensers, which provide superior filtration of sediment, chlorine, odours, and scale.

If you’d like to know more about Sterizen® or Totality® contact one of our technical team.



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