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Choosing a design focused manufacturer 

With multiple products and manufacturers in the market, one way to ensure you’re choosing the best partner is to consider a manufacturer who leads by design as well as cutting edge technology, quality materials and service support. 

At Borg & Overström we strive to design premium and aesthetically pleasing water dispensers and integrated tap systems, with design at the heart of what we do.

Our products are perfectly suited for workspaces and contemporary environments where elegance and desirability are required. From boardrooms to breakout areas, access to fresh, great tasting water elevates mood and productivity without compromising on style. 

In this article we’ll consider just what makes us a leading design focused manufacturer, highlighting our innovative design and technology, setting us apart from our water cooler competitors and the considerations which go towards creating market leading products.  

Borg & Overström is an independent manufacturer focused on design, therefore having the freedom to create unique designs and innovate. This freedom allows us to develop leading technology and elevated aesthetics. It also gives us flexibility and agility to adapt to changing design trends and customer needs. 

As an independent manufacturer, we are able to prioritise our customer satisfaction and provide excellent customer service through our customer experience and technical team, providing first-rate after sales support, demonstrating commitment to quality and customer care.  

Inspired by Scandinavian design and built by hand in England, we are very particular about the materials used in our products and go through a fine process of sourcing durable and quality materials from our suppliers and put parts and products through rigorous testing to ensure reliability, safety and durability of our drinking water dispensers.

From on trend matte black tap finishes to antimicrobial protection, each dispense combines form and function for the ultimate in performance. 

beautiful integrated tap systems designed to complement any coffee area


From the outset, some 20 years ago, we revolutionised the drinking water market, being the first to introduce an all-black dispenser.

We continue to be driven by this ethos today with an elevated and slimline product range.

Today our product range includes beautiful integrated tap systems designed to complement any coffee area to refined floor standing coolers, like the E7 which combines luxury and sustainability.

The unique E7 is effortlessly elegant and custom built to order by hand, offering a refined tap-style dispense system, poised elegantly above a Corian® top.  

offering a refined tap-style dispense system, poised elegantly above a Corian® top.

We understand the importance of product design and reliability within the working environment and contemporary office space.

Utilising the latest technology, our water solutions ensure each glass or bottle is filled with clean and fresh-filtered water, delivering impeccable form and functionality in every drop.

The careful selection of drinking water dispensers is an integral part of a thoughtfully designed workplace, blending functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics to create an optimal work environment.

We believe that functionality can be beautiful and that great design makes for enjoyable experiences. With confident, contemporary profiles, that pair practicality with desirability, our products deliver the ultimate experience. 

For more information on our product range, please get in touch with our sales team who will happily introduce you to our products. 

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners