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SWOT analysis follow-up. What is being done?

Borg and Overström are meeting demand and ready for the future

How is Borg and Overström meeting these demands?  

We recently covered the key points of 2022’s first major SWOT analysis for the water dispenser industry. It’s one thing to know which way the wind blows, but what happens next?  

Even cautious forecasts see immense growth on the horizon for at least another six years. Finding and following trends is good, setting and shaping them is better. Keeping in tune with customer needs equips Borg & Overström for both. 

Point of use drinking water preferred over bottled

All Borg & Overström products are point of use only. Plastic waste drives environmental devastation on a massive scale, meaning industry leaders will have no choice but to phase bottles out despite their convenience for some users. 

Having left bottles in the rear-view mirror already, we can comfortably keep building and continuing to innovate from here.     

Dual demand, dual supply

The report found access to hot and cold options within a single product as a driver of growth. Borg and Overström have been supplying distributors and satisfying end users on this front ever since we introduced the Elite in 2005 and Sport in 2010. Both products have since been rebranded as the B3 and B4.

New standards bring new expectations. That’s why every entry in the B series features these options, and why our instant heating and cooling tech is improving all the time. Users don’t just want access to hot and cold water, they want it quickly and with the best quality.  

Ease of installation and maintenance

Why buy and install dispensers if you’re only going to get more headaches in the future? Users and distributors alike can never rely on a flimsy product in the short, medium or long term. Facilities managers similarly don’t want to deal with installation being more trouble than it’s worth. 

Having to worry about the finer details is up to us, the manufacturer. Setup and maintenance is now so simple, we have an entire library of instructional videos on the subject.

Keeping installation simple without losing capacity is something we hold dear. Borg and Overström leads the world in dispenser height, with even our countertops accommodating water bottles up to 310mm tall. 

This method is just as true for our integrated tap systems. The team recently demonstrated new ways to ease installation and provide sturdy longevity in the T2 webinar, which can be found here. 

Clean, safe water in schools

The school and university sector is globally “dominating” in driving up demand. 

Regular hydration is crucial for children’s cognitive function, focus and robustness. Establishing such a healthy habit early on will secure the industry’s future. By providing the best in water dispensation, Borg and Overström helps pupils grow to expect the same standard from their universities and workplaces.   

Borg and Overström go the extra mile with school-friendly features. Constant use by hundreds of students and dozens of staff means quick wear and tear for most machines. The B series’ flat touchpads and smooth external finish means no breakdowns and effortless cleaning.

We have even included anti-vandalism features. Both our countertop and floor-standing dispensers come with rear cover systems which shield plumbing and internal features from harm.  

A long-lived dispenser in a populous place has to be safe. We weren’t content with just being the first water cooler company to provide a hands-free footswitch. Which brings us to the next point…   

Touchless technology

Borg and Overström were an early responder in meeting the sudden new demand for safer office tech. No-contact gesture and remote, app-controlled dispensers were once a new novelty and emergency requirement. They are here to stay. With Covid-19 potentially endemic and a paradigm shift pushing for safer workplaces as a cornerstone of public health, there’s no rolling back this innovation. 

Now that the industry can benefit from a clearer roadmap on what is to come, we can continue to reassure our distributors that their users will be getting nothing but the best.  

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