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Thank you for attending our CPD on ‘Infection control in drinking water’

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  • Read more about Totality® methodology

    Totality® methodology

    Totality®, is our exclusive five-part process that delivers exceptional standards of hygiene for office water cooler systems and tap systems.

  • Read more about Healthcare hydration

    Healthcare hydration

    Tailored designs that promote infection control and healthy hydration. Learn more about our patient-centred designs.

  • Read more about E6 Chilled only dispenser

    E6 Chilled only dispenser

    Hygienic, single pathway water dispenser designed for ultimate infection control. Designed to meet stringent water quality standards for the NHS.

  • Read more about Integrated taps

    Integrated taps

    High-end tap water filter systems. Energy-efficient and easy to install with an emphasis on hygiene.

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