High-capacity, counter-top convenience


Counter-top convenience

With its sleek tap and compact, high capacity S2 under-counter unit, the U1 epitomizes design-led innovation. Contemporary and discreet, this electronic tap will enhance any environment.

High-capacity output

The U1 water-dispensing tap’s distinctive and innovative design is built for high-capacity dispensing of still and sparkling water. This impressive tap system provides clean and refreshing water at the press of a button, for ultimate convenience and accessibility.

Compact undercounter unit

This design-led commercial water dispenser is stylishly minimal. The compact under-counter unit fits unobtrusively out of sight, enabling the U1 to seamlessly integrate into any workspace or communal setting.

Elegant, minimalistic design

Borg and Overström’s elegant and minimalist U1 carbonated water tap epitomizes the cutting-edge of water dispenser design. Its boldness lies in the stainless steel water cooler’s restrained lines and its contemporary profile.

Discreet, hygienic control panel

The U1’s discreet and hygienic control panel is ergonomically designed for ease of use and for a reassuringly clean experience. This water machine boasts further hygiene credentials via Borg & Overström’s Totality™ technology, for complete peace of mind.

Ventilation kit included and optional driptrays available

A refined and simple-to-install ventilation kit is included with this system. There is also a range of optional stainless steel driptrays that can be added to your tap system. Stainless steel is the perfect material match for water cooler dispensers. Unlike ordinary carbon or alloy steels, it will never corrode or rust.

Low energy consumption

The U1 water cooler appliance is consistently energy efficient, making it both economical and eco-friendly. This dynamic sparkling water tap is the epitome of the lean and economical, with absolutely no sacrifice to output and quality.

Totality® is our unique methodology designed to ensure our appliances provide an exceptional standard of hygiene.

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  • Chilled temperature


  • S1 chilled capacity

    Gallons per hour

  • S2 chilled capacity

    Gallons per hour

  • Tap height


  • Dispense height


  • U1/S2 Tap System

    S1 Undercounter - W13" x D14.6" x H14.3"
    Water system - Dry Chill™

    Dispense OptionsWater systemMax power consumptionStainless Steel
    Chilled & Ambient Dry Chill® 323 Watts 601501
    Chilled, Ambient & Sparkling Dry Chill® 323 Watts 601502


  • 17 fl oz water bottles

  • Printed paper cups

  • Fitted driptray complete with drainage

  • Freestanding driptray with rubber feet

  • Sanitization kit

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