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Good coffee, great water

A close-up of a barista bar worktop with a mug of coffee being freshly poured alongside a clear glass of chilled water

Coffee is one of the most beloved beverages around the world, and for many coffee lovers, drinking their favourite cup – be that a cappuccino, mocha, or latte – is the perfect way to prepare them for the day ahead. However, just like coffee, water comes in different forms with a variety of differing tastes.

Just as we love to personalise our coffee by adding sugar, cream, or even cinnamon, a cold crisp fresh glass of water can be customised to delight your tastes too. 

In this short article, we get creative with water and explore some of the best ways to enhance the taste of your water.

Favourite water, favourite coffee

two chilled glass filled with water and slices of lime with an accompanying lime positioned in between.
A mug of coffee with a love heart shaped using light cream, positioned next to an empty sack of roasted coffee beans.

Water is essential to our health and well-being. It keeps us hydrated, aids digestion, and helps regulate our body temperature. But let’s face it, at first, filling a glass of water from the sink tap can appear to be a pretty boring beverage choice when compared to coffee. 

We all have a favourite coffee, whether we want a smooth cappuccino or a chocolatey mocha, coffee customisation is a popular trend amongst coffee lovers who want to tailor their drink of choice to their specific tastes and preferences.

From deciding on the best coffee bean and roast to the optimum grinding methods, there are a variety of different ways in which coffee connoisseurs customise their beloved drink. But for the everyday coffee drinker, the easiest customisation comes from the added extras. Whether it’s adding your favourite flavoured syrups – vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut – to adding a spoonful of cream or a sprinkle of cinnamon, these touches all provide a unique twist that personalise a coffee. 

Just as we enjoy customising our coffee, we can place our own unique twists to the water we drink. With different types and different tastes, water has a variety of extras that can expand your hydration horizons and delight your tastes. 

Creating your very own refreshing glass of water can include infusing your water with your choice of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, to changing the temperature, type, and filter – nothing is off the table. Premium water unlocks endless possibilities to get inventive, creating your favourite drink.

How to create your favourite water

From chilled, ambient, sparkling, or hot: a fresh glass of water provides you with the canvas to be as creative as you wish. Sweeten your water with a shot of cordial or add a touch of interest with a refreshing glass of DeepSparkle®, how you customise your water is down to you. 

Here are just 5 ways you can get creative with your water, and start your very own creation:   

Infuse your water with fruits and herbs

Three glasses of water aligned next to each other, all filled with a different fruity infusion: blackberries, lemon, and raspberry.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to improve the taste of water is to infuse it with fruits and herbs. You can add fresh fruits like lemon, lime, orange, or berries to your water to give it a natural and refreshing flavour. 


Herbs like mint, basil, and rosemary can also add a subtle and soothing taste to your water. This method will not only enhance the taste of your water but also provide you with added vitamins and minerals from the fruits and herbs.

Try a splash of syrup

Syrups and cordials are both commonly added to drinking water to add flavour and sweetness. Many different types of syrups and cordials are available, ranging from classic flavours like lemon or raspberry to more exotic flavours like passionfruit or hibiscus. 

Three glasses of water positioned in a pyramid shape, all filled with a different cordial : orange, strawberry, and raspberry cordial variants.


Certain syrups also contain vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that can help replenish nutrients, so you can create a water that supports your lifestyle while enjoying those sweet flavours.

Drink fresh and filtered water

A women using a Borg & Overström C2 tap, dispensing sparkling water into a tall vessel with lemon.

It’s true: drinking tap water will keep you hydrated, but sometimes the unpleasant taste can be caused by impurities like chlorine, lead, or other contaminants. Using a water filter can help to remove these impurities and improve the taste of your water. 


Here at Borg & Overström, all of our water dispensers utilise water filtration as part of our Totality water treatment. Drinking fresh filtered water is a certain way that you can enjoy clean and crisp-tasting water that is free from harmful contaminants.

Add some sparkling sensations

If you’ve got a taste for carbonated (fizzy) drinks, then switching to a sparkling glass of water can serve as a healthier and better tasting alternative.  

With sugar-sweetened fizz being extremely popular, sparkling water can serve the same refreshing fizzy taste without the added sugar and calories. But that’s not all.

A glass of sparkling water, filled with ice, raspberries, and a single mint leaf.


Combining your fresh glass of sparkling water with a splash of cordial or take a step further with the infusion of your favourite fruit and herbs, your sparkling glass of fizz can be wholly customised to deliver the pop you want. 

Experiment with temperature

Focused image of a glass of water on top of a marble kitchen worktop with a variety of berries blurred in the background

The temperature of your water can also affect its taste. Some people prefer their water cold, while others like it at room temperature. Whether you decide on chilled, ambient, sparkling, or hot, the temperature of your water is the foundation for your favourite creation.


On a hot summer’s day, a chilled crisp glass of water – with an accompanying lemon or lime – is the perfect drink to refresh your mind and seize the day.

That being said, drinking ambient (room temperature) water has seen a rise in popularity – linked to improved digestion and detoxification – and can provide a healthy base to infuse your taste.

Of course, if you’re longing for something warm and sweet to swap out your coffee, or break the winter cold, a hot cup of herbal tea might be the perfect fit for you. 

You can experiment with different temperatures to find out which one you prefer. You can also try adding ice cubes or freezing your fruit-infused water to make certain you’ve got a refreshing and cool drink ready for those hot office summer days.

Improving the taste of your water

Borg & Overström T3 illustrating a PVD finish



From favourite coffee to favourite water, it’s clear that we take the time and effort to delight in our coffee, now is the time to take the effort to enjoy the crisp taste of water with all its benefits.

Drinking premium, fresh and filtered water, can help promote better health, better taste, and increases all the benefits of hydration.  

Here at Borg & Overström, we design premium filtered water dispensers that harmonise great taste with healthy hydration. With Totality® hygiene assurance designed into our water dispensers, you can have peace of mind that the water you drink is freshly purified and tastes great.

We know the importance of staying hydrated and can help you find the perfect solution that will improve your everyday life. 

To learn more about the best premium water fit for you – contact us – our expert staff are ready and waiting to help you.

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