Borg & Overström at the Avex Vending Show

The weather in Manchester was beautiful, making for a great backdrop to the UK’s key vending event of the year: the Avex International Vending Show.

As always, it was great to meet with the vending industry again: many of our UK and international customers attended the show, and Borg & Overström’s stand stayed busy throughout the two days, giving us a great chance to catch up with many key industry contacts.

Borg & Overström at the Facilities Show

Last week’s exhibition at the Facilities Show was an exciting and enthusing event for the Borg & Overström team. There was a great atmosphere throughout the Excel last week, not only thanks to the beautiful weather but also the great range of quality exhibitors at the show. We’d have to say that for us, Facilities 2015 has been the best yet.

It was great to engage with the end users of our products, to hear their comments and feedback and take on their advice as part of our new product development and innovation programme.

Are you drinking enough at work?

Woman drinking water

Are you frowning at your screen with a headache? Are you yawning more than once or twice in your work day? Or more importantly, are you staying adequately hydrated at work? You may not understand the connection between these questions, but the link between hydration, mood, and workplace performance is an important one. 

How much water should I be drinking at work?

Borg & Overström Award - Team member of the quarter

Meet Alan Cruddas - Our Star Team Player

We’re proud to congratulate this month’s Team Members of the Quarter! April - June 2015

Alan Cruddas has won the overall employee of the quarter award, with his cheerful attitude and his impressive work ethic. When under pressure with other team members having time off, Alan has more than made up for this and even managed to set some team records for despatch.  He’s willing to go the extra mile and cooperative in working with others, keeping cool even when working long hours.

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